Mobile product and service offering

Client Completed My role
Liberty Global Nov 2015 UX Project Director


Explore a UX vision for Liberty Global’s MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) product and service offering.



We assessed the UX design of mobile providers across Europe – cataloguing what we felt was good and bad practice, along with a long list of user actions (based on what we could had been catered for).

Journey mapping workshops

We ran a series of stakeholder workshops to present the benchmarking and then to co-create some journey blueprints.

Customer journey mapping
Customer journey mapping


Exploration sprints

We conducted 4 x 2 week exploration sprints to create some visionary concept designs (constraining ourselves to what could be achieved within 3 years). Each sprint involved testing and iteration before incrementing our prototype to handle additional moments within the end-to-end customer journey.

Some of the concepts we explored
Some of the concepts we explored


Design principles

We drafted and honed a set of Mobile First design principles as part of the project, as a way of capturing the rationale that underpinned our design choices. These have since become a useful design tool in there own right across multiple projects.

Mobile first design principles
Mobile first design principles



Our principles and interaction designs have been applied within several subsequent projects throughout Europe. Based on our successes, an additional two projects were commissioned by Liberty Global, that followed the same methodology.


“I have had the pleasure to work with Andrew on a vision project for our mobile products. Andrew is a seasoned user experience professional with a true passion for what he is doing. He was able to understand our specific problematics and objectives very well, and came up with sets of suitable proposals. He provided excellent support throughout the project and delivered on time and fully in line with our expectations. I very much enjoyed his open personality and positive attitude which also made it a very pleasant collaboration.”

Geoffroy MartinezProduct Manager Mobile Experience at Liberty Global (