Modern paperless process for blood donation

Client Completed My role
NHSBT July 2015 UX Project Director


To envision a paperless process for giving blood. This meant understanding the current donation process in minute detail and then visualising how paper-based elements could be replaced with digital ones.

The existing paper version of the health check form
The existing paper version of the health check form



User interviews (donors and staff)

We conducted 24 telephone interviews with donors and staff in order to get an initial sense of the opportunities and challenges that a paperless process might present.



We gathered a list of hypotheses from our interviews to test within an extensive online survey. Our findings were then fed into a two day workshop.

User needs workshop

We worked with senior stakeholders to co-create a new donation journey. This was a space to reflect on the user research and to explore some early ideas.

User needs workshop
User needs workshop



After the workshop we sketched out some design concepts to support paperless donation. These were reviewed within another stakeholder workshop.


Prototyping & refinement

Next step was to produce some prototypes of our ideas – which were then subjected to two rounds of testing with blood donors and donor carers.

Sketch to prototype - online health check form
Sketch to prototype – online health check form


Sketch to prototype - session app
Sketch to prototype – session app



The project was completed early, within budget and meeting the client’s quality standards. NHSBT is now preparing to commence an alpha phase project, based on our outputs.


“I would like to thank you all again for this very good piece of work. I feel we have a really good solid foundation on which we can build.” Anthony Evans, Digital Service Manager, NHSBT

“Andrew has the unique ability to bring complex ideas to life and make them meaningful (even to the non tech-savvy!), with a smile on his face to boot. As a client, I always felt that NHSBT were his priority. He quickly understood the intricate needs of the business, and continuously produced workable solutions that balanced both the business and end user requirements – no mean feat! An incredibly genuine and intelligent guy and I’d consider myself lucky to work with him again.” Victoria HatcherDonor Relationship Marketing Manager at NHS Blood and Transplant